Honest and Direct Feedback

The issues with the payouts have been going on for many months now. Every cycle there is some kind of issue. All of my devices have experienced some kind of issue. i am a power user of all your browsers. I have laptops with various Windows OS, cell phones with various Android OS, tablets with various Android OS. i have beta, nightly and primary release version browsers installed…

At this point i stopped trying to calculate how many BAT i have not received or have been lost in the ether. i really do appreciate Brave sharing BAT with us users. i really do! i also appreciate being able to directly connect with reps here. the new ability to report issues to support is a good as well… all this said these issues have soured myself and likely many others in the community. the majority of us have been patient, some have not based on posts here… this is a big issue! if the payouts are not properly addressed, corrected and stable going forward your user base will find alternatives.


I am a staunch supporter of Brave and the Brave team. But with the payout issues and flagging issues I understand how users can get sour with the Brave experience as I suffer from those issues as well. Despite those issues, Brave is still about the best browser out there for privacy (Brave search still needs a TON of work) if you remove the earning of Bat. Sadly, earning Bat is the major reason most folks are using Brave IMO. I’ll likely stick with Brave for privacy reasons. Here is to hoping that the rewards issues are fixed soon.

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