Thank you Brave Browser

Unlike the tons of threads that are complaining about missing payments, low “advertising” payout, low “referral” fees, etc. etc. found on Brave, I’m going to be grateful and thank the team at Brave for creating such a wonderful product.

I started using Brave during beta, when you can still do multiple private tabs with different sessions (amazing for debugging in web development) and was already happy with the product as a whole. The introduction of “viewing ads as a money earning incentive” is great but as you can see from the multiple threads, goods things can’t be shared because people will start feeling entitled and exploit it wherever they can exploit and complain when they fail to do so.

Instead of complaining, I wish to say that I love Brave for their ad-blocking features, as well as the private tabs with tor built in although I wish for the feature of multiple session private windows to be brought back (think it was voted down in the github tickets sometime ago).

Just some thoughts from myself.

After thoughts: Hopefully Brave (or someone) might pluck up the courage and start disabling ads in regions where there is lack of strong advertising presence to reduce the amount of criticism. Not everyone can appreciate good things so what’s the point in giving them good things only for them to complain later?


Well said…

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