Brave is unfair and incompetent

This is so sickening. Brave has been unfair to publishers. There’s always a problem when it’s payout time. There’s always tampering with statistics every month. Several publishers are affected but no solution is given . all we hear is “the team is working on it”. The same thing happened several months back and has been reoccurring, even after they claimed it’s a bug and it has been fixed. A lot of efforts is put into getting brave users but they treats us very unfairly. This is bad and saddening. @Asad


Agreed. While Brave looks like a nice and sleek browser, it’s developers are an absolute joke and the and the customer service teams are even worse. I won’t be using Brave rewards again until they figure out why I can’t cash out the 10 dollars I’ve earned from them mining my gpu.


The annoying part is the lies they tell.


Nobody is lying.
There are bugs in the statistics reporting that the team is working on. We have “problems around payout time” because we have hundreds of thousands of users and millions of BAT transacting in a very short period that we need to track and ensure is legit – and if it’s not, make sure it gets flagged by our anti-fraud mechanisms.

Keep in mind that by “track”, I really mean track anonymously. People often forget that everything Brave does – referral stats, payouts for ads and for publishers/tipping, serving ads that are appropriate to you (the user), P3A, – is and has to be done without looking at or leveraging private information from the user. We’re calculating and distributing BAT and data in very large numbers, to a very large number of people, while blindfolded. So yes, there will be bugs. If you have a specific/exact example of a “lie” you were told, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to track it down with you.


Nobody is mining anything. High GPU usage can be attributed to several other reasons/bugs (for instance, have you tried disabling Hardware Acceleration?) – but mining your information/resources is not one of them. If you want to know why you can’t cash the 10 dollars, then open a thread and provide as much detail as possible about the situation and what you’ve attempted to resolve it.


Well, I understand that it is not easy for anyone. It’s just a matter of getting to grips with it, and surely this will bring benefits to everyone. To publishers who can work better with safe margins and will be able to grow safely. - to BRAVE because the growth of its publishers can only benefit from it and bring them many loyal collaborators to support its climb. Now I say: It’s all about investing more time and speeding up the bug fix - on the one hand. On the other hand, it is about having patience and trust.
I’m sure that all the publishers informations are there and we will not loose anything.
But it is true that the sooner things settle down the sooner we start getting serious.

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Done! Perhaps you can help other members of your team solve my problem since it seems to be such a complicated one.

Hi Ollue, appreciate your feedback. Yes, there’s definitely been a lot going on as we bring Rewards up to speed, it’s still a beta offering in many ways. We’re sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment since we’re overhauling much of the current system and thus are wary about investing in a system that we’re working to replace. Not to mention, we’re scaling massively which has been a big problem in and of itself!

Is there anything in particular I can help you with? Please let me know!


dont use if you dont trust . with me everything is ok

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Brave is no doubt a great browser. Every release it just keep getting better.
However the referral program is having a lot of issues and I think people are getting impatient as the fixes are taking way too long.
Most people are wondering if the counts and confirmations are 100% correct.
Website owners are using their valuable adspace on their site to promote Brave browser where they can actually be promoting other affiliate programs that is a lot more accurate and profitable.
I understand it is a beta system for the referral program but if this continue. You are going to lose a lot of affiliates.
@Mattches @Asad

While we do, again, understand the frustration, the truth of the matter is that these problems are not simple fixes. We are a very small team of ~100 – with even fewer devs than that on the team. We really appreciate everyone’s patience while we work very hard to hit goals, due dates, fix bugs and push new features.

Note that we’ve had issues before with the referral system (among other Rewards/Creator features) and after the issues were resolve, we’ve been able to allocate, distribute, credit or update everyones information, funds, stats, etc.


I think issues started happening more frequently after referral program change to reflect rates based on countries.
Before that it was much more stable (the flat rate of $5 for every referral)
Anyway, thanks for being honest about the issues your team is facing.
Moving forward, hope the team will solve the issues with referral counts and graph asap. (shall be more patience lol)

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I use Brave because it is safer than most browsers and it is most of the time faster to load sites. I don’t have rewards turned on because I don’t think it is a necessary option to use Brave. It’s just a better browser.

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My brave wallet widget (triangle) is completely empty (which wasn’t earlier), rewards section within browser, not functioning.

Getting that server message ( Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible.)

No brave browser card in uphold. Been in touch with uphold tech, they deleted one of my accounts as you can only have one but didn’t follow through with any concern of if I now have functionality… I’ve sent multiple tickets to them today. Brave tech have been fairly responsive and are continuing to try and resolve issues.

100%. I don’t know what these damn people are complaining about. This browser is safer and faster as you say, and I didn’t pay a dime for it. @Ollue you may want to remember that next time you complain about your payouts.

Didn’t your team expect to send hundreds of thousands of transactions when this Rewards program was created? It’s not our problem that your team can’t properly support the platform. People want to get paid what they were promised. They do not care about how difficult of a time you are having, they want results not excuses.

EDIT: I don’t know for sure if you were referring to me on your last reply Mattches, but I never said it was easy to fix. I basically said that your team should have expected to handle the amount of transactions, and should expect that people want results and not excuses. As large as Brave is, making excuses about volume of transactions is not a good look.

Mining GPU? I don’t think Brave does that. BAT is an ERC20 token.

Yeah, I need to open my own thread, but the payouts seem like a total mess.

Brave will tell me I’ve got like $10 of credits, then I go to Uphold and that turns into like $3, all the amounts just seem random.

This is like the core of what makes this browser unlike other Chrome forks, can you not perfect this?

This thread is turning into something less-than-useful for anyone. Lets summarize and close it:

  1. If you’re experiencing an issue with Brave Rewards and/or your payout, please open a thread here on Community and provide us with as much relevant information surrounding as possible. We would be more than happy to assist you, but it will be much easier for us to track and address your issues if they’re posted in the forum appropriately.
  2. For anyone claiming that we should “have known” this would be an issue and that this “shouldn’t be hard to fix”; Thank you for your feedback and your patience. As I said previously, this is a small team, working on a very large and complex problem under several constraints. There will be times where a fix may take time to implement.
    For those of you saying this shouldn’t take any time and/ors should be easy to resolve, remember that Brave is open source, after all. You are more than welcome to visit our Github, clone and build the browser source on your machine, find, submit and implement these fixes and submit a pull request :slight_smile: