Failing the BAT Whitepaper

From your whitepaper.

“The promise of advertising technology (“ad-tech”) was to create a more efficient
marketplace for attention.”

“Instead, the ad-tech ecosystem that has evolved over the last
two decades is a bewildering variety of middlemen and complexity.”

The Brave community is far from efficient and is a bit bewildering. At a $2.7 Billion market cap you would think there would be a bit of left overs to spend on customer support and more of a seamless experience.

So far BAT appears to be a vehicle for speculation as most other crypto appears to be. You promise to solve problems while building the illusion of a solution. Good head fake for what appears to be the real objective which appears to be $$$$. At least that is my experience over the last year or so.


I actually agree with this experience. Right now there’s one middleman (Uphold), where if you’re like me and get hamstrung by their incompetence, you have no other avenue to redeem your BAT, donate it to publishers, or do anything remotely approaching what was in the whitepaper.


@pauldupalntis thank you for your feedback. While I don’t intend to debate your opinion here, I can assure you that anyone working on this project cares about it and it’s users very much. We are very aware of particular gaps in user support flow as well as in other areas of the product and are working on ways to resolve them given the resources and staff we have. We do apologize for any users, threads or tickets who may slip through the cracks and will always try to make right by them whenever possible.

With all that said, is there a particular issue that you’re having that I can assist you with?

@Coulls – if you’re having an issue with Rewards and/or Uphold, can you please start a new topic here on Community so a support team member can assist?


I have no way to track my rewards. I am synced between 3 devices but nowhere do I see an increase in BATS even though I have been interacting with ads for two months. I have also tried several times to become a brave rewards creator but receive an error on two factor authentication. Which I did through Google to no avail. I had a friend who has been using BAT for over 2 years having no clue on where to find the problem. Or where to contact support. I have sent numerous messages on this forum on both of these issues. Is there no way to setup notifications to my email. And is there no way to work with one rep to solve a problem here??? Pretty much giving up on Brave at this point.

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