Data disappeared

@brrbrtt you can export it on an HTML file by going to brave://bookmarks/ > three dots menu > export bookmarks, and once you have installed it again you will be prompted to import settings and you only need to select the HTML file.

Please note that the HTML file only saves browsing history, bookmarks and saved passwords.

Hi there @brrbrtt are you still experiencing this same issue or did it got solved?

Please let me know.

Hey Kevin, yeah the images are still bugged. I did not uninstall though.

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@brrbrtt on Brave go to brave://flags/ and search for Choose ANGLE graphics backend there select OpenGL and reset the browser to save the changes.

Let me know if that works.

I also haven’t used one of those and since they’ve been installed for quite a while I don’t think that’s the issue

Still doesn’t work, nope

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@brrbrtt have you tried using that extension on a different chromium based browser such as chrome or Edge to see if the images still show their color inverted?

Be waiting for the response.

Tagging in @sampson for analysis/support on this one - this came up on the BAT Community Call today and Brendan and I wanted to escalate your way to review.


Tried on Edge with the extensions and it didn’t invert their colours

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Also for @sampson and others, thought I’d share other more recent topics. There are some differences between them, so maybe not all the same, but similar nonetheless of people saying passwords and/or bookmarks are disappearing.:

Brave removed ALL my saved passwords

Lost all my data

Saved passwords disappeared and password Manager won't save new ones

All my password data was deleted during update

Leaving Brave soon

Lost saved passwords (and log on cookies ?)

On that case, I suggest you try a new installation of those extensions on Brave to see if the colors are reset to normal.

I tried that once the extensions had disappeared and the colours were messed up

Guess got another one added today. Everything got reset except saved passwords and bookmarks on Windows update

@Mattches and @SaltyBanana I’m going to tag y’all too. I know Luke tagged in Sampson, but his last post was back in November. Not sure if he ever pays much attention to Community and if he’s otherwise being made aware. At least, that’s assuming that he’s the primary one that should be involved based on what Brendan was saying in Community Call when I brought up the idea of issue happening recently.

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Thank you for the heads up on that — I’ve informed the devs of all the new reports of this. Please do let me know if you see any more that I’ve missed.

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Scanning over these reports now. Thanks, @Saoiray!

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Hi folks - I know there hasn’t been an update here

We are collecting all known details about this issue and putting them here:

For people reading this thread - admin password change can cause this on Windows.
Another thing can be when you copy the profile directory from another machine.

Situations where the OSCrypt library generates a new key can cause the entries to seemingly disappear. Even if you’re on the same machine and do a backup/reformat your machine, it’s going to create a new key. When you have the data which was encrypted with the old key, it can’t decode it

Can anyone having this issue confirm they:

  • did not change passwords
  • they did not copy the profile from another machine?

For macOS users, you are going to want to check if you have keychain access enabled for Brave. If that access was revoked, Brave can’t access the secret that it uses to encrypt/decrypt the entries

I didn’t change pwd (don’t have one) and didn’t manipulate my directories or files.
As far as I can remember, I used Brave in the morning without problem, let the pc running alone for some time (no sleep mode) and when I used. Brave again in the afternoon, credentials have desappeared

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Hey clifton, sorry to take long to reply, I didn’t get an email

I did not change passwords nor copy a profile from another machine when the issue happened

Hey, just bumping this as it is nearly getting closed. Any updates?

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