Bookmarks and all data are gone

Hi, I have been using Brave browser , unfortunately i got deleted appdata in windows after that my bookmarks and data are gone , i recovered the data for both “local data i mean userdata and for roaming too” i replaced at appropriate places the browser gets crash all the time .
I need those data can anyone help me out on this ?

Can you explain a little more? Are you saying you deleted your AppData folder, then recovered it from a backup? If so, did you reinstall the browser before replacing the install data with your saved version?

Yes, due to some other issues it got deleted by myself unknowingly (didnt expect brave files will be stored there). Got the files back using file recovery. Yes i tried that “user data” folder replacing but brave getting crashes. Installed browser and then replaced userdata in appdata/local folder.
Browser crashes. it would be much helpful to retrieve those important data back .

If you install the browser but don’t replace that User data folder, does the browser launch and run as intended?

Yes, without replacing “user data folder” the browser launched appropriately

Can you try going a couple levels deeper into the User data folder (the one you saved) and copying the Default directory (~\User data\Brave-browser\Default), then go to the new installation and replace only the Default directory there.

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