All data was erased

Today i start my PC and open my Brave like yesterday, but all my data-history, extensions, modules, bookmarks, saved passwors was gone! Im totally f***d, because i haved there many things for my business and its everything gone. How its possible? Yesterdays was everything fine and today its gone!

Hello @DrakusW

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. One question, have you updated to the latest Brave version?

Be waiting for your response!

Yes i have latest version. After 3 hours i found the problem- somehow Brave delete my all accounts and files. So i must use Disk Drill to recover psychical files from disk and move it back to appdata. Its good now, but this less my trust to this browser.

@DrakusW which OS are you using? Also are you saying happened from auto update or how did you update?

Tagging in @sampson for analysis/support assist on this one - another link that was shared in the BAT Community Call today, and seems like a critical bug we need to investigate.

Im using latest version of Windows 11.

Its a really bad bug. Only Deafult profile is okay, other profiles are erased totally. No history, password, tabs, bookmarks just nothing. Isnt possible to find it in Trash, only via another software in deleted files.

Very sorry for the poor experience, @DrakusW. I’m hoping with a bit of effort we can get a solid idea as to what happened, and what we at Brave may be able to do to improve your experience. Can you tell me a bit more about how you detected the missing profiles/files? Was this via the in-app profile-selection UI, or did you check the file-system itself, only to find all other profiles (with the exception of the Default profile) missing? Also, which version of Brave are you using (or, if you happen to know, with which version did you observe this behavior)?

There also appears to be Data disappeared, which might be related. I’ll be checking over that thread as well to see if these issues might be one in the same.

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