Extensions suddenly disappeared

After restarting my laptop, extensions from brave suddenly disappeared
On reinstalling one, like Tabs outliner, I’ve noticed that all the extension history and settings is still there.
I’ve seen many other cases reported on your forum and others about extensions disappearing.
Here’s an example:

Please let me know why and when you’ll fix this or what do we know already about this

About my Brave version used : v 1.48.158

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@Mattches could you please look into this.
Do keep in mind that support might not be active since it’s a weekend in the US. Support only works weekdays generally.

Thank you for reaching out.
I am not quite sure why this particular behavior occurs — while some other users may have reported it in the past, it is not a “wide spread” issue and is likely something specific to the setup of the users encountering it. That said, this certainly should not be happening and I am happy to dig into the issue.

Can you please confirm for me whether or not any other data was cleared or was it just the extensions? Additionally, do you know if this happened after an update?

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