Cursor is too small, Icons only use Brave logo not site logo, and opening new becomes tabs instead of new window

I have been using your Brave Browser and I enjoy it. I have three technical questions.
The cursor is literally one pixel wide and is easily gets lost when inside some large input fields. I have set the cursor width in win 10 to very wide, but the cursor remains thin and almost invisible. Is there any settings in Brave to fix this problem so I can actually find the cursor on input fields?
I created several short cut links and put them on my desktop so I can quickly access various sites using Brave. When I open one Brave icon link, it works great, but when I open a second link while one link is still open… Brave inserts the 2nd link as a tab instead opening with a new browser in a new window. I basically want each link to open with a new brave window rather than piling up more tabs. This way I can quickly move from one window to another and/or have two windows open at the at same time while I do programming. How can I force each desktop link to open a new brave window and not open as an additional tab of an already open Brave window?
Why does all Brave links on my desktop use the Brave logo instead of the specific website I created a shortcut for? Can I tell Brave to use the suggested icon of each site so I can more easily select which icon I want to select? I have 15 Brave logos with text under them and I would like to see the Foxnews logo etc… instead.

I was able to remedy the desktop icon issue by recreating all desktop icons using the Brave - More Tools - Create Shortcut command and then the icons used the url’s website recommended icon. What I had done, because I couldn’t find the Create Shortcut command in the settings, I dragged and drop the url to the desktop and that is why I got nothing but Brave Icons instead of the url’s icons. So this question has been answered. The other two are still up for anyone to help.

Can you share a screenshot of the cursor as you see it on your end? I’d like to see just how small it appears.

For opening Desktop Shortcuts in a new window, if you’re now using the More tools --> Create Shortcut option to add sites to your Desktop, you should see a checkbox option to Open in Window when the shortcut is created:

Attached is the small cursor which is very difficult to find while typing. It is one sliver that gets lost. I tried the setting in Win10, but it would not work.

Can you show me how it appears in other browsers? Mine looks the same as yours from what I can tell.

Right, but how can I enlarge the cursor so I don’t lose it? It is so thin, I can barely see it. There must be a way

Unfortunately there isn’t – at least not as far as I can tell. In fact, the change in caret width was not reflected in any browser I tested (tested in Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave). Do you have an example of a web browser that respects these changes?

Yes, Internet Explorer, see attached. However, many websites no longer support IE so it’s not option to use it any more. I was hoping Brave could do the same. The cursor on the input field is huge! Even too big, but at least I can find it. LOL

Yeah – it would make sense that IE inherits/reads this data as it comes packaged with Windows. Unfortunately I don’t think this feature is present in any other browser that I’m currently aware of. I also looked for an extension that does this but, to my surprise, I was unable to find one.

Apologies for the inconvenience – if you’re passionate about it (and it seems like you are), you should leave a Feature Request here on Community :slight_smile:

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