Brave opens in a tiny window in the corner

Sometimes Brave(v1.44.105) gets stuck like this, every time I open it, it starts that size in the corner of the screen and i have to stretch it back out.
I’ve noticed it after playing some video games, maybe it’s a coincidence. I fire up the browser, and it’s this small window in the corner. I resize the window, it goes back to the small window again, next time i open Brave.

I resize it holding alt, or shift, or ctrl, and shut it down doing the same. Doesnt matter. Other browsers I’ve used, hold down one of those keys when resizing and it will “set” it to that size.

I’m not finding anything about it, but somebody else has to have faced this. How do we set Brave to a certain size to open, or make it stay whatever size I’ve stretched it to?
I dont necessarily need it completely maximized, but not some little corner of the screen every time i open it.

See whether the info on this page helps →

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