Brave steps on desktop links

On Win8 Brave plasters its logo on established desktop links when it’s made default browser. I had links that conveniently had an applications logo for a link to the on-line user manual. Cannot use properties to restore original link icon. I will not make Brave my default browser with this behavior.

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re describing? I want to make sure I’m understanding the situation correctly.

HA! Never mind. Going through the process of taking the screen shots I realized that both Brave AND Firefox exhibit the same behavior of putting their icon on a desktop url link. I think both Brave and Firefox should allow specifying (in properties) a different icon that is more representative of content of the link. Sorry about that! There is no impediment to making Brave my default browser. In all other respects it is comparable to Firefox and even better because Firefox had updated itself to the point where some websites were no longer compatible with it (internal page links and Disqus comment section).

Thanks for your response.

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