Brave Feature Requests

Android Requests Request features you would like to see implemented on the Android platform. Desktop Requests Request features you would like to see implemented in the Desktop browser. iOS Requests Request features you would like to see implemented in the iOS app.
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My wishlish , crtl-tab switch, custom right click menu, events binded like in firefox [Desktop Requests] (1)
A new web. We want a way to hold websites accountable for the articles they publish [Brave Feature Requests] (1)
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Profile picture (right corner) [Desktop Requests] (4)
About top of the page [Desktop Requests] (1)
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Contribute to Tor Project when using Tor tab [Brave Feature Requests] (1)
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Option to close tabs on exiting (i.e. swipe-closing) the app [iOS Requests] (6)
Add "block all cookies" shield to mobile Brave app (same as on desktop) [Android Requests] (2)
Enable the ability to suggest edits to grammatical errors and distribute rewards if they are accecpted [Brave Feature Requests] (1)