Cross-site cookies vs third party cookies

I remember Brave shield used to show allow/disallow third party cookies.
Now the options are:

  1. block cross-site cookies
  2. allow all cookies
  3. block all cookies

This means among third party cookies only “cross-site” cookies will be blocked if I choose option 1.

Is this enough? or is there a way to block all third party cookies completely?
Plus can any one confirm is this cross-site cookie is what “Privacy badger” add on is doing (by heuristic analysis)
(Brave Nightly, Windows 10)


@mattches can you help? Thanks

Great question!
“Cross-site” data and “3rd party” data are interchangeable in this context. When you block 3p (cross-site) trackers/cookies/etc, what you’re blocking is data that is being sent, requested, or displayed on a website whose domain the data (or requested data) does not originate. That is, coming from another domain/site (cross-site).

Does this answer your question?

Got it. Thanks for the information.
So I understood this as third party cookies = cross-site cookies. Is this correct?

Why I am asking this was firefox gives separate options for cross-site cookies and tracking content may be because people can chose one or the other. I am sure Brave these options plus many more. Just to clarify myself.

Is there any page in Brave website or Github page where there are more details on this topic.

Thanks a lot

I actually don’t see either of those top two options when I look in Firefox’s content blocking options. What version are you using?

Sorry… forgot to mention… Firefox Nightly. But I see this in Firefox beta too. Not sure about Firefox stable.

Under privacy & security select custom option.


It looks like the top Cookies option refers specifically to cookies and social media trackers (Brave also does this, see brave://settings/socialBlocking), whereas Tracking content refers to their general tracking protection (i.e. Disconnect).

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