Cross-site trackers from Wix

  1. Issue: I created a website with Wix and it is also hosted on their platform. I now use the Brave browser and block all cross-site trackers. When I visit my own website, the cross-site trackers listed below are blocked. I requested from Wix to disable or remove them from my site and one support person says “they are cookies and they cannot be removed.” I ask, “are they all essential cookies?” and they say “mostly.” I say, “well, when I use Brave and block all cross-site trackers, Brave blocks these and the site still works normally, including the third party apps on my site. They must not be all essential. Is there a tool to allow visitors to opt-out of non-essential cookies?” They say, “No, but go to x link to vote for such a tool.” I vote to make a tool. Then another Wix support person says, “These urls are not cookies.” I say, “well what are they if not cookies? Wix told me they were cookies. Brave classifies them as cross-site trackers and blocks them. What are they if they are not cookies and how does Wix use them?” They say, “Ask Brave why they consider them cross-site trackers” and provides no further explanation of what they are or what they do. So Brave, what are these urls and why do you consider them cross-site trackers?

  2. This can be reproduced by visiting my site with cross-site tracking blocked in Brave. Click on the Brave icon to the right of the website bar, click on the down arrow next to cross-site trackers blocked.

  3. Expected result: I’d like Brave to explain to me how these urls fit the parameters of a “cross-site tracker” that needs to be blocked and provide information on what these urls might be doing so I can better interact with Wix support and help visitors to my site not be tracked by

  4. I am using Brave v.1.10.97

Cross-site trackers that Brave blocked: 2 of the 10 trackers blocked since Brave community only allows for 4 links to be included in the posts of new Brave community users

I can provide more blocked trackers if requested.

We block some specific wix scripts, which know to track users. We actually blocked the entire domain, but we’ve made it more specific.

we block the following wix domains for privacy reasons:


Thank you very much for this. Can you give me a little more explanation of how you know it to track users? I went to the links you provided but that didn’t really explain it. Wix is refusing to identify these domains and there seems to be no transparency about them. They advise us to make a cookies policy where we inform visitors how to disable cookies using their browser, but it seems like there are also these trackers that I would like to notify people about. If you can give any more information about how these scripts violate privacy, I’d appreciate it.

Also, a full list of the trackers that were blocked by Brave when I visited my site are listed here in the Cross-Site Trackers section:

Just from your website above. Here is the amount of url’s from is being loaded.

Which should be blocked. third-party pings to another website is bad from a privacy perspective

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