How do I allow third-party cookies for a single site only?

How do I set Brave to allow third-party cookies (cross-site cookies) for one particular site only? In other words, how do I set an exception to the general blocking of third-party cookies?

Case: I’m trying to use, but it throws an error because cross-site cookies are blocked. ThereforeI I want to turn off cross-site cookie blocking ONLY for

I’ve already added to the ALLOW section of brave://settings/content/cookies, but a) that didn’t help, and b) when going into the Site Details for that allow (brave://settings/content/siteDetails), there is NO OPTION for controlling cookies.

I figure I must be missing something super-simple here because there’s no way Brave would require me to allow ALL third-party cookies just to allow them on one site, right?

Via Brave icon at URL bar?

Well, I was hoping for being able to just allow third-party cookies, but having said that, I feel pretty thick right now because…duh.

Having said that, I do hope Brave will someday allow more fine-grained controls. I love having the Shields built-in, but I’d really like to be able to have on/off switches for everything that’s been blocked, like in Ghostery.


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