Blocking cookies: Firefox vs Brave

Description of the issue: I’m a long time firefox user who recently started using brave and I’m confused with the cookies settings in brave. Brave has 3 options for cookies in its shield
1 block all cookies
2 allow all cookies
3 only block cross-site cookies
There is no option to block all third party cookies (I think it was there in the earlier versions)

Brave Shield:Screenshot_20200415_181119

Whereas in Firefox there 4 options for blocking cookies, the extra option is to block all third party cookies. It has 2 seperate options,one to block just cross-site cookies and another one for all third party cookies. So firefox seems to suggest cross-site cookies and third party cookies are not the same.

Firefox Privacy Settings:Screenshot_20200415_181354

Are third party cookies also blocked when I choose to block cross-site cookies on brave?

Operating System and Brave Version Kubuntu 18.04, Brave Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163

Additional Information: This question was already asked here Cross-site cookies vs third party cookies but I believe due to some confusion form the screenshots the main question wasn’t clearly answered imo. I apologise if this was unnecessary.

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Hi @avr, Welcome to Community!

Quote from

The Cookie Control setting uses a drop-down menu containing three separate states:

  • Cross-site cookies blocked : Accepts 1st party cookies and blocks any others on the site.
  • Cookies Blocked : Blocks all cookies, both 1st and 3rd party on the site.
  • All Cookies Allowed : Accepts both 1st and 3rd party cookies on the site.

So, blocking cross site cookies will block anything that’s not a 1st party.

For more information please see:

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Yup. Definitely feel like a big dummy dum. Cant believe I didnt find that on your support page.
Regardless, Thank you!

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