Do only third party cookies track us?

Not an issue but a simple question. Can site’s cookies track me if I have cross-site cookies blocked? Is it only cross-site cookies that track?

Can they track me with local storage?

I ask because I have my browser set to delete all cookies and site data on browser shutdown. However, if any windows are open, it does not perform this duty. As I use a few web apps, I rarely close everything down, so cookies persist from browsing even though I close the browser (because web apps count as open windows or tabs).

Okay, assuming you’re talking about cookies, then the answer is yes, only third-party cookies are the ones that track you.

If you’re asking about if it’s the only type of tracker, the answer is no. This is one of the reasons why you’ll see that Brave has Block trackers & ads listed separately than Block all cookies or Block cross-site cookies.

I’m going to refer you to an official article on this. Though the short answer is no.

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Very interesting article. I particularly liked:

third-party storage partitions are cleared when the last first-party document is closed

That is what I was looking for.

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