Crash while navigating to search results

Hello, Brave Beta crashed on me after writing a search query and hitting enter in the address bar. I cannot reproduce it anymore following the same steps. Here’s the report:

macOS Mojave 10.14
Brave Beta 0.55.11 Chromium: 70.0.3538.35 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

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It’s happened again. As in the previous case, I was searching via the address bar and as soon as I pressed enter the browser froze and crashed.

Is there anything you did both times specifically that may have caused the crash? What do you have your default search engine set to?

Not really, I just opened a new tab, started typing and pressed enter to search via Google.

FWIW I fully realize that without repro steps this bug report is not really actionable. Is there a debug build somewhere I can use so that the stack trace is more useful?

Found this for you.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this (nor has anyone I’ve spoken to) yet. I’ll leave the topic open for a while in case it comes up for you again.

happened to be as well few times on a random basis. But with the new Beta its not happening. I have Bing as my default search engine.
Version 0.55.11 Chromium: 70.0.3538.35 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Aaaand again:

@jiripospisil what is the default search engine you are using? Are you able to share the search term that you are typing? Could you try launching the browser from terminal and repeat the same steps to crash and see if terminal catches any crash log?

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Just wanted to chime in and say I am also having this issue-- it’s actually the reason I made my forums account. It only started after my dev browser updated last night. I noticed there was an open issue about it here on the issue tracker.

I’m not sure what the standard procedure is for providing information about crashes, but I’m using version:

Version 0.56.2 Chromium: 70.0.3538.35 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

and I’m using Google as my search engine. The browser crashes at random after I open a new tab or window and search using the top search bar. If there’s anyway I can provide another type of crash report, let me know-- thanks!


Hi all,

I’m also having the same issue. The browser crashes after searching a query in the address bar, I’m using Google as my search engine. It already happened twice for me, but it happens randomly and I don’t know how to reproduce it.

I set my browser to automatically send crash report to Brave, so probably it had already been sent. Let me know if there’s other thing needed that I can test.

Windows 10 x64 Version 1709
Brave Version 0.55.11 Chromium: 70.0.3538.35 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

I’m using Google as well. The search term is always different, I don’t think the term is the culprit but the last time it happened I was searching for “hidd”. I’ve launched from the terminal and will report back as soon as it happens.

Alright, here’s a crash along with the output from the terminal (the newlines were added by me over time).

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Same issue here, and also having a difficult time trying to reproduce it as well. I’m using Brave Beta Version 0.55.11 Chromium: 70.0.3538.35 (Official Build) beta (64-bit). I’m setup to use Qwant as my default search option. I’ll report back if I can find any way to reproduce it consistently.

@jiripospisil thanks. Would require one more step from you. Navigate to chrome://crashes. click on Send now under the crash reports. Restart the browser and reload the chrome://crashes page. This will list the Uploaded crash id and the local crash id. Could you copy and paste that info here?

Hey all, they just released new Beta 0.55.12.

Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed?

Ugh never mind, it still crashes.

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Thanks to everyone taking the time to report this.

If you’ve already left a reply here, if you don’t mind finding your crash reports the way @sriram mentions above:

Additionally, if you could paste the crash information here it would be extremely helpful.

This issue has been reported several times and we have an open GH issue for it here:

I’ve added everyone’s reports there and will continue to log any additional reports. We apologize for the inconvenience. I will return here and update everyone with more information regarding the issue as it becomes available.

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Uploaded Crash Report ID a654fa118cb5bca8 (Local Crash ID: 9aa30f84-f8a4-48e5-8a08-87f6863ec77a)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 69592f8d816924f9 (Local Crash ID: 4daaa3df-869d-41ab-a950-8168f435bbec)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 2a70c1a5a91872e7 (Local Crash ID: e2a15d57-77ee-4343-bdf1-faf2be3405c4)

Uploaded Crash Report ID e0dcd79ffaf79ace (Local Crash ID: 41cf43c7-2781-46c5-a6f4-1c53cb98798c)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 4ff44fc3aeca7265 (Local Crash ID: 8419e9aa-e28c-46d3-8351-647071184aac)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 548768f625b4e730 (Local Crash ID: de92b1bc-8148-4a08-8981-bedd4c91e11b)

Uploaded Crash Report ID b9ab7b12c92ac8af (Local Crash ID: a6ed0274-8982-472e-9817-8ef288f5baf2)

Uploaded Crash Report ID e47883e2741d0de5 (Local Crash ID: 638ba36d-c0f9-4d0f-9c66-eb0793e8daf5)

Uploaded Crash Report ID ad4da78b1be02cb1 (Local Crash ID: c8af0261-e4c6-422b-bbee-dd5aa767846f)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 8b9cd8570e111064 (Local Crash ID: 22d5445d-24a7-42c5-b835-2c596dfaf4a7)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 53df9f1d8f9490bf (Local Crash ID: 4468e634-5b75-4f58-9e39-1a8415078df8)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 9af8aa405d679dd2 (Local Crash ID: ba52e3a2-17a2-4353-bfc6-b5d2764d933f)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 7a04a92b249e0ac9 (Local Crash ID: 912d74e5-58ed-4650-bf49-bd7326486211)

Uploaded Crash Report ID ef5ee4fff3d4e4bf (Local Crash ID: f3d06995-6175-4722-8dca-5c5619174784)

Another one

Uploaded Crash Report ID 53d61955a609e525 (Local Crash ID: 07f23ce8-24ec-4f28-a5ba-da544523e4f2)

I’m also having the same problem, but again I can’t reproduce it.

Uploaded Crash Report ID 3c1ddb2c8869ca00 (Local Crash ID: a3a38cef-cce5-444e-8716-91fdefb3b2ef)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 56a706af86607160 (Local Crash ID: 258f4540-6fc6-471a-bf21-129753587de6)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 10b7c1334d0b5d7f (Local Crash ID: 672822f0-4d06-4fc8-9bff-c726e5be96ca)

Uploaded Crash Report ID d3eb9464da561eb3 (Local Crash ID: 00c1a8fe-aaf7-4fbe-a0ec-fa7381847659)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 52a6ca9c71d5fdd2 (Local Crash ID: e0cd659d-739e-486e-936b-eb955e7274cb)

Uploaded Crash Report ID dee6f26064f731d7 (Local Crash ID: 6d2133d1-7ea7-4a07-a409-bb399db0f3ee)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 3a4e2adbcc3c60d3 (Local Crash ID: 8a1b7027-7a00-4987-a07e-c8acca80cc26)

Uploaded Crash Report ID a917b5703744e7f3 (Local Crash ID: dc21f356-fbf4-4483-8ecd-9a5ca84dba31)

I will say that it seems to be happening less and less frequently. For example at first it was happening almost every couple of minutes, whereas now with me actively trying to break it, it’s completely stopped.


Uploaded Crash Report ID d4578fbbf1a78ac2 (Local Crash ID: b3f882e3-767a-41b1-8c74-73582ee90590)

It seems to occur more frequently & with the most frequency when I search something and scroll through the results, or with quick interactions with the page I’ve searched… but it’s very inconsistent. Sometimes it crashes simply from hitting enter on the search, whereas sometimes it will crash as I scroll through the google search results.

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