Country selection for Rewards

so the fix is to change the uphold address in uphold to the country of the id used for the kyc?
the kyc was done in uphold, my correct residence is okay, id is FR, location is ES
not able to change country in uphold profile, ask support, support unavailable…
no KYC as I remember in Brave
buggy thing

@fabibz Ok, so you’re saying:

  • You did KYC with Uphold using France ID.

  • Location is Spain

  • Brave? You didn’t mention which country you selected for Brave.

What you have to do is make sure all of those match. So if you are in Spain, then your passport or other ID must be from Spain. Also, to not get country mismatch error, you also will have had to choose Spain for your Rewards.

For Uphold, you’d be submitting to them new passport, drivers license, or similar from ES (Spain) instead of your FR (France)

in uphold i’m registered in spain, kyc ok
must have done it with my driving license, currently not available, till next xmas
all id i have is FR actually
how can I change the country in Brave? or register, associate my id/nationality/location in?
brave kyc?

What is issue you’re having? What specific message do you see?

sorry for the delay
retried today
when verifying brave rewards, uphold, authorize I get:

Error: Country mismatch
Hmm, it looks like your Brave Rewards country does not match the country of the Uphold account you’re trying to connect.

I’m french, resident in spain, not sure of the ID I’ve used to register in uphold, could be my spanish driving license or my french ID card, nor I can find where I can set the country in the Brave browser

The country that Uphold shares with Brave is the country of nationality. If you verified with French ID then this is the country that is shared with Brave. Your residence is irrelevant.

Your browser must be set with the same country. In this case, your browser must be set with France.

If you have selected Spain, your only options are resetting the Brave Rewards … or creating a new profile. In both cases the pending earnings (those which have not yet been transferred to Uphold) will be lost.

Some months ago, my Brave Wallet and my Uphold account stop working together. First it said my country was not supported (but Mexico IS). Now the error message is different: Countries do not match. C’mon guys. The countries did match in the past (that’s how my accounts were synced), why they don’t match anymore? Sad news…

Where in Brave can I set my location? I’m in Spain, brave must detect it, uphold KYC is ok with Spain address.

It isn’t address that matters. You used France passport, right? This is what gets reported to Brave, not your address.

The only time you can select your country is when you first create Rewards. In order to change the country, you have to reset Rewards. This means any BAT which did not pay to Uphold/Gemini and is in your browser will be lost and you’ll start fresh.

You reset Rewards by going to Hamburger Menu (three lines/dots)Brave RewardsManage Brave RewardsReset.

I was told that i have to reset my wallet and then it will work to verify, I did it lost my brave funds and still getting same error, my uphold is verified with Norwegian passport as to norway and brave rewards set to Norway but brave gives country mismatch error.

@shuma If you indeed submitted Norway passport and you chose Norway for your Rewards, then it shouldn’t have any problems. For it to say Mismatch it means those aren’t aren’t matching.

Best bet would be to tackle this from both sides. Submit a Rewards Support Ticket at and also contact Uphold by doing a support ticket with them at

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