Country on brave doesn't match wallet

When I try to connect to my brave wallet to my Uphold account it says I have not the same country in both. However, I just checked and I do.

Can you help me please?
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Does the country documents you used to verify Uphold match the country you selected in Rewards ?
Like if you did verification for Uphold using US documents for KYC / AML but chose UK in rewards then thats the issue ( Just an example to make you understand what I meant).

Hello, I changed my home address to a new country on uphold and when I verified on Brave it was that same country that I moved to. But when I try to verify my uphold account on brave it says the following: “Hmm, it looks like your Brave Rewards country does not match the country of the Uphold account you’re trying to connect.”.
Thank you for your reply

The system checks for the country mentioned in documents used for KYC / AML. It doesn’t check much about heat address you have it to. I guess you’ll have to reset the Brave rewards and lose BATs and start again by choosing country which you used documents for KYC.

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