Brave reward and Uphold same country

I have reset my Brave account to match the country of my Uphold account. But I still can’t connect both accounts.

@Carmen_Lida Need more information. For example:

  • What does it say when you try to connect?

  • If it’s Country Mismatch, did you go by your passport or your address? It requires your passport to match.

  • If it’s unsupported country, then have you checked to make sure your country is listed at ?

But yes, always need you to give much more information. Be as specific as you can.

Hello Saoiray.

When I tried to connect it appears that message:

Which means “Oops, it looks like your Brave Rewards country doesn’t match the country of the Uphold account you’re trying to link”.

I restarted Brave Reward in order to match the country. I updated the information of the country where I live now (France), but that message still appears.

France is supported and according to the list it is possible to connect the Brave Reward account and the Uphold account.

Please. Could you help me to solve my problem?



Did you change your passport? If not, that’s your issue. Uphold reports your country to Brave based on the passport you did KYC/AML with. So even if you update your address with Uphold, that’s not going to be good enough to let you connect Rewards to it. Uphold has to receive new passport and update it on the back end.

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