Error: Country mismatch due to ID not being the same as country of residence

So I have a ID from Belgium but I officially live in Spain for 30 years. My country is Spain, it’s where I pay my taxes and am a legal resident albeit having a different EU nationality. I get country missmatch because my ID at uphold does not match my country of residence. That is not good at all guys. Fix it please.

BTW I only get this on my Linux box, on my phone and Windows PC my wallet connects and syncs perfectly.

Well then, that’s intended. They are looking at working on making changes in the future, but it’s limited now where you choose the country you verify with. If you have a Belgium ID, then your country is Belgium.

Then you can get a Spain ID and use it to update your KYC/AML, if it’s that important to you. I know EU doesn’t require you to do so, but usually are able to get drivers license or other such things for the country you’re residing.

Guessing you chose Belgium for those?

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