Constant Crashes on Startup 3

This just started hapening on a Windows 10 machine.
As soon as Brave is clicked, the screen turns white for a second, the Brave icon appears in the taskbar for less than a second, then vanishes.
I cant even get the application running long enough to go into settings.

Aint just you buddy - Brave Dev Browser opening and immediately closing

Thank you for reporting. We are currently investigating. The issue can be tracked here -

@smadger @scooble Hey all – please try out the 1.3.114 test build and let us know if it’s working for you! Would be useful to get some confirmation. :slight_smile:

v1.3.114 32bit fixed the issue for me.

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Awesome, glad to hear – thanks so much for testing it for us :slight_smile:

Update. Still crashes when closing and re-opening browser with multiple tabs. Have to quickly close old tabs after relaunch. Then it stays open.

This issue started happening to me this morning. Browser would launch for a second, show the window, then crash. I installed the Win x64 1.3.114 and it made it so it would actually launch. However now it randomly crashes at different times.

For those of you who are still crashing, can you please try the following build? This will disable sync temporarily until we fix the crashes and stabilize the feature:

Would appreciate some feedback if the crashes have stopped with the above build. If they haven’t, can you please provide the Crash Report ID of the crashes under brave://crashes . You might need to submit them first if you have “Report Crashes” disabled (which is the default setting) :+1:

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