Brave Crashing on Startup


A few weeks ago, I tried to boot up my Brave browser but it just crashed nearly instantly. I waited a few days and tried again, but it still did the same thing. I’ve searched the web for this issue and it seems like a few other people have been affected, but I tried their methods of resolving it and nothing seemed to work. Eventually, I deleted every Brave file on my computer, downloaded a new installer, and downloaded a completely fresh version of Brave on my computer. It still crashes on startup, and I have no idea how to replicate the issue since I don’t know what’s causing it. Help would really be appreciated

Nevermind, all fixed.

how did you fix it? I’ve been having this issue for months

I renamed “brave.exe” to “chrome.exe”, it removed the app icon but works otherwise

Whenever I open a new tab it sows white for 3 seconds.
Can anyone help me fix it?

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