Brave keeps crashing immedeatly after ran

So yesterday I tried to open brave and it opened for a split second by displaying a black screen and then closed itself. I cant even get the uninstaller to work properly because of this problem. I am using the latest version of the Brave Browser and am on windows 10. Though when I restart my computer and click on brave as soon as I log in it works fine for like 20 seconds and then it crashes.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you try the solution found in this thread and see if it works for you?

I have tried that before and unfortunately it doesn’t change anything at all.

I don’t even have enough time to search in the settings to disable it even if I restart.

Please read the issue, as it provides instructions on how to launch with HWA disabled from the command so that you don’t have to sift through the settings before the browser crashes.

I tried this like 500 times and somehow it works now. Thank you.

It stopped working now

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