Constant Crashes on Startup

Description of the issue:

Brave is constantly crashing daily on startup regardless of running it as admin or not. This only started happening in the last month or two. I never had this issue with the old Brave.

Essentially what happens is if the browser gets shut down, and you proceed to try and relaunch it, you get a flash of the browser on the screen (literally a white screen because it happens so fast it doesn’t have time to load a webpage although you do see the Brave icon show up temporarily down on the taskbar below) and then it’s gone and automatically shuts down. Then when you relaunch a second time it always loads the browser BUT EVERY TAB YOU HAD OPEN IS NOW GONE.

The most frustrating part is typically in the past when an error occurs with the browser, or say a power outage occurs and you have to restart Windows, you could always click on History and there would be an option under “Recently Closed” that would say for instance “32 tabs”. You could click on the “32 tabs” and all of your tabs would reload. With this recent type of crash that is now occurring your tabs are just completely lost. There is no way to get them back. You literally have to load them one by one by one through your history and it’s a complete waste of my time.

I love Brave but I’m going to have to revert back to Firefox if this issue can’t be resolved.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Shut browser.

  2. Restart browser.

  3. Browser flashes open on screen and automatically crashes within one second.

  4. Restart browser and loads with all tabs missing and no way to retrieve them from history in recently closed section.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:

Fix this issue.

Reproduces how often:

Occurs daily sometimes more than once a day. It’s completely random when it decides to crash.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Happens in both Windows 7.1 (on home computer) and Windows 10 (work computer).

Version 0.64.75 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Today Brave crashed with me also once (as info). Did you also send all the crash reports on brave://crashes/ ? They might be the most useful.

Have a nice day.

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I have the browser option selected to automatically report crashes to Brave.

Is there a secondary method I should also be using?

Have a nice day as well.

As far as I know, automatic sending doesn’t always work. :confused:
But if there was a crash, you can always go to brave://crashes and send the report there manually. Below the info of a crash there is a text like “Send manually to Brave”.

Thank you for the heads up on that. There were 8 crashes there that hadn’t been sent.

I clicked the send button but it reads “(upload requested by user, not yet uploaded)”.

I guess in its own time they will upload?

Disregard MediaBird. I refreshed and it shows they were all uploaded now.

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I made an account, just to say I have the exact, supper annoying bug. I basically bought a widescreen just to handle more tabs (heh). I keep losing my stuff. Please fix asap

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Just did it again this morning like clockwork on my work computer when I fired up the browser.

This is at minimum a daily occurrence. Sometimes more than once a day. I’m getting sick and tired of dealing with this. Love the no ad no tracking aspect of Brave and many of its features but will have to part ways back to Firefox soon if this can not be resolved with an update.

Honestly the crash doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The losing all of my tabs does.

I guess you’ll have to wait for a new Brave update. If I am not mistaken, the information (crash reports) must first be evaluated. Then the bug will be fixed and a new update provided.

If there are indeed extreme difficulties, you can use another browser as an alternative for the time being. I did the same thing (with Firefox) when Brave didn’t work as expected.

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lost my tabs againnot_enjoy


Hi, I also have constant crashes with Brave.

Using macOS Mojave 10.14.5
Brave Version 0.64.77 Chromium: 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Steps to reproduce:
Hard. It’s not deterministic. It happens sometimes just while browsing. But most frequently (by far) it happens after

  • Getting back from Sleep
  • After re-opening the browser

Quitting does not work anymore then. Ie. Brave does seem to quit somehow, but a process remains. If I restart it immediately freezes and crashes again. Seems like it is unable to cleanup properly. If I do a force-quit, then it’s back up to normal.

I also loose the tabs after a force quit but am typically able to re-create them from the history menu. I have mostly no problems after a clean start. Ie. “just” crashing while working rarely happens. I would assume thus that it’s something within initialisation/cleanup.

I have no special setup. I use 1Password extension, ProdPad extension and Dynatrace extension (but I used these on Chrome as well for years without problems). Only special thing I have is a sync-chain involving several desktop brave browsers and two iOS brave browsers. Don’t know whether it may be related to the bookmark sync chain trying to update or so.

It really happens frequently. Ie. basically every day at least once. I love the brave concept as I am a huge Chrome fan, but not necessarily want to be tracked. Killer feature is the bookmark sync among devices without needing google. I would rather go back to Safari than back to Chrome. The crashes are so frequent that I do think of switching back.

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Thank you for reaching out and thank you for the detailed report.
This sounds like a Windows issue as @subtle says it happens on both Win7 and 10 so it’s interesting that you’re seeing this on macOS. So it’s likely some Brave specific function – you mentioned Sync as a possible cause which I also considered but that’s harder to troubleshoot – lets rule out some other suspects first.

  • Do you also have Brave Rewards and/or Brave Ads enabled as well?
  • Has this always happened or did it start recently?
  • Do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled? If so, does disabling it help?
    Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration
  • Do you have any data set to clear on exit
    Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit]

Hi @Mattches,

thanks for your answer.

  • Do you also have Brave Rewards and/or Brave Ads enabled as well?

No I don’t

  • Has this always happened or did it start recently?

I would say it did start like a month ago. But this is not precise. It was not the case in the beginning. Then it started. I told myself “probably some bug that will be gone with an update”, but it still prevails. The month is not precise. I do not exactly remember when it started but it’s definitely been several weeks. Probably since 4 to 8 weeks or so.

  • Do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled? If so, does disabling it help?
    Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Yes I had Hardware Acceleration enabled. I did disable it now and will report back whether the behavior changes.

  • Do you have any data set to clear on exit
    Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit ]

No, I have not set anything to be cleared.

If it helps I can send you a screenshot of all my settings.

Best regards,

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Hi @Mattches,

just crashed again this morning (when launching). So I assume it’s not hardware acceleration.

I was able to get a crash report this time though. I could not upload it (not enough rights, wrong file type) and it’s too long to post it in the message. You can reach me under If you drop me an e-mail I’ll be happy to send you the crash report.

Please note, that typically I did not get a crash report but I had to kill Brave with “Force Quit”. This time though it crashed and produced a report. So it may well be that Hardware Acceleration changes the behavior. But it crashes regardless of the settings value.

Best regards,

Hi @Mattches
I don’t know if this is linked at all but when I first go to open Brave it eventually starts to open but doesn’t. I get the white screen and have to click on the Brave link in my taskbar again and it opens as normal.

I do not get crashes mid use.

Win 7 32 bit.
Version 0.65.118 Chromium: 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (32-bit)

I disabled hardware acceleration but nothing changed.
This has been happening for at least 3 months if not longer.

I think I have an update on the problem (btw, yes my tabs crashed AGAIN)
Before this morning, when I booted up and clicked on brave for it to flash’n’crash just to restart the browser with no tab history, I noticed yesterday just a second before shutting down, that brave briefly “crashed” , displaying “aw snap something went wrong” before the system closed.

If I close the browser manually and shutdown, my tabs are there,
if I order the OS to shutdown, it turns itself off so quickly that brave gets messed up, it seems.

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