Connecting brave to gemini

I want to know why in order to connect Brave to my Gemini account I have to give them permission to

  • Send payments to another user
  • View account and user info
  • View your balances
  • View your trade history
  • Withdraw cryptocurrency funds to approved addresses.
    Especially the sending of payments and withdrawing of crypto.

It won’t see your trade history.

It views your balance in order to tip creators.

Withdrawal to approved addresses is to be able to deliver the tips to the creator you would like to tip or for auto-contribute.

Send payments is again for tipping.

Because part of Rewards is being able to tip Creators. In order to tip, you’d have to be able to take BAT from your account and send to others.

This is to let Brave know things like the email associated with the account, if you have completed KYC/AML, which country you’re from, etc. All of which are critical in being able to provide you any customer service and in order to allow payments to be sent.

You can’t send a tip without them knowing what your balance is. But not just that, it’s mainly referencing how the little widget in the browser lets you know how much BAT you have. The only balances they are getting permission to see is for your BAT and nothing else.

Don’t remember this one there, but assuming it’s just so they can confirm what you’ve received or sent. Especially if you say payments are missing or that there had been an issue with something like auto-contribute.

Again, for tipping but also for things like auto-contribute.

All of these things are necessary for Rewards to work.

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