Understanding the link between Brave browser and my Genini Wallet

Is see that I have a few dollars in BAT listed under Brave rewards.

I have now created and linked a Gemini wallet.

Some questions:

  1. Why was I asked to create this Gemini wallet?
  2. Should I transfer the Brave rewards to my Gemini wallet.

Just trying to work out how it all hangs together :slight_smile:

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Good?? Thinking of connecting to Gemini myself. However, I am already linked to Uphold. I am uncertain if I need to disconnect from Uphold first or if it even matters. I certainly have no interest in transferring from Uphold to Gemini. The cost to transfer would cost half of my BAT at this time. It would be nice to know if it’s transferred to Gemini for free. If it will earn interest automatically or if you have manually do it yourself. However, if you have no plans on selling any time soon. The 5 free BAT and 3.49% it might be worth it. Start a transfer and see if you have to pay a network fee to transfer and earn.

Do I do that by clicking on withdraw funds on the Brave Rewards page?

Yes, It could be automatic. If not, it should then ask you to enter your address. Make sure you use your Gemini Wallet receive address for BAT. Double and triple check it.

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