Attach metadata when sending tip

Is there any way to receive payments via brave wallet, using BAT, via a web page? ie I want to rent virtual properties for micro micro payments.

We’re working on such a feature. That is, we’re working on a feature that will allow you to tip websites/creators using Brave Wallet. (And correspondingly, working on a feature that will allow Brave Creators to connect up Ethereum and Solana addresses for this purpose.)

The tip feature is already working, right? I’m talking about something additional.

The tip feature as of now can only be used if you have BATs in your rewards wallet. Brave wallet is different altogether. I guess what @chriscat means was that the team is working on tipping through BRAVE WALLET. So you might be able to connect Ethereum and Solana addresses in the future as well.

That’s where I was confused, many thanks. What about receiving micro payments from someone’s rewards wallet? Perhaps extend tips coming from the rewards wallet? And add a metadata mechanism to rewards wallet tips?

@unicomp21 You have a nice idea but what exactly do you want in metadata, user-info? Who tipped and how much? I think in Brave’s tipping system, this info inherently remains private/anonymous.

I need a way to send a payload back to the user, likely containing a private key, which can be used by them to prove ownership of a token. In a. nutshell, receive BAT and send token back to user.

This is something that Brave is also working on, but it will likely be next year, though no idea which part of the year it might be implemented. It will exist as part of Pay With BAT. Likely won’t happen until the second quarter or later of 2023, as they are making changes to Rewards and all in the first quarter, then will progress to a lot of things with self serve ads, Pay With BAT, and some other features.

With, what Saoiray suggested, Pay with BAT, it could be possible but I don’t think it would be available for every Creator to use. And as far as I know, private keys are there for addresses not tokens.

Also, the way you want it, it could be misused by the consensus of a creator and an unverified user. You could potentially send crypto, say SOL, back to the person who tipped BAT, meaning cashing-out without a KYC. So I’m thinking even Pay with BAT would require some form of KYC.

However, it’s a very nice idea. I hope Brave finds a way to implement it for every creator. We are transitioning to Web3 after all.

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