Brave Creators Can't Received from Gemini Users?

I checked my Brave Creators balance and it was lower than usual. I checked my page and it said I can’t donate because I’m on gemini? My brave creator account is connected to Uphold. Does this mean people using Gemini can’t donate to me because my Uphold account is connected to my creators account? If i switched to Gemini would Uphold users not be able to donate BAT to my account?

Also, I don’t understand what the new add Ethereum and Solana address in the Brave Creators Means, is this related donations? What is this feature for exactly? Thank you for any help or information.

@BigScience cross custodial tipping has never been allowed. So if you’re using Uphold, only people using Uphold could tip you.

What it means is Brave is moving to allow us to receive tips without getting a custodial account. So if you add your Ethereum or Solana address, I can send you crypto to that address.

It’s allowing you to get tipped from anyone in the world, regardless of whether they are using Rewards. And it is also expanding your ability to receive tips, rather than being limited to just receiving from custodial.

Thank you for the help and information. That is really great. Can I add any Eth address or will it need to be a wallet connected to my browser?

From my understanding, it can be any address. They just announced today and I’m sure we’ll have some information come up in the Community Call that starts in 1.5 hours. I’m a bit limited on how everything works for now. Just like I don’t know if it will filter through Brave or send immediately, if Brave still gets a percentage of tips, if all addresses can be used, etc. Lots of little things to learn.

Okay, thank you. I didn’t realize it just happened today. I tried to add an eth address but nothing happened, I guess I should wait a little longer till it’s fully rolled out.

Hmm, it should have, but might depend on where you use. So what I did was connect via my Brave Wallet just now and it made me Sign to authorize. After that, it added:

Again though, have a lot that I hope to learn. Last week I asked them to get @chriscat, the Product Manager for Rewards, to be on the call for this week. Not sure if he will, but if he is, hoping he’ll have all sorts of useful information for us.

Thank you again, I see I was thinking I could just copy/paste an Eth address. I connected it to my wallet extension.

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