Our Brave Creators Account has a BAT balance - How to send all to Gemini?

We received June payout into our verified Gemini wallet but not the entire BAT balance. How can we transfer the entire balance of our creators account? Thank you.

What do you mean by ‘We’ ?
Also, transferring your own BATs to your creators account is against the terms.
Also, since you are already connected to Gemini, I don’t understand why you wanna transfer to Creators.

If you could clarify on the amounts, that be helpful.

We = Me, I. Brave Creator with a BAT Balance showing on Brave Creator Dashboard.
Don’t need to transfer own BATs.
Would like to transfer the full balance showing on Brave Creator Dashboard.
Transfer the entire balance showing in Brave Creators Dashboard TO-> Gemini.
Is there a way to send all BATs, not partial monthly amounts.

Only partial amounts started transferring to Gemini last month. How can we send the entire remaining accrued balance to Gemini?

How do we transfer the entire (FULL) amount of our Brave Creator BAT balance to our connected Gemini? It is sending small amounts each time instead of the entire balance of BAT in our account? How can we transfer all of it?

@steeven Is it possible to transfer the entire Brave Creator balance to our connected account in Gemini? - Only partial small amounts are being sent and there is a large amount still to be sent. How do we request to send all? Thank you.

@SQ.com your full balance should transfer each month. This is typically automatic and requires nothing for you. If you’re having issues with this, I’d suggest you submit a Creators Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=10061687185549 and someone from Brave will help you look into it.


Well best bet will be by asking help from Brave support directly by raising a ticket at

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Thank you both @Saoiray @SmartyAadi - I’ll submit a Creators Support Ticket.

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