Trying to Withdraw BAT from Creator Acct to Gemini Wallet

I’m trying to withdraw BAT from my Creator account and transfer to my Gemini Wallet. I’ve set the latter up and it’s connected to my Creator account under Wallet Services.

I tried to initiate a deposit of BAT into my Gemini account from the Gemini site, but don’t know how to do that. It displays a QR code but I don’t know if there’s a way to use it to withdraw from my Brave Rewards BAT account. Do I initiate the withdrawal from Brave or from Gemini?

I have read others mentioning tipping their channels as a way to withdraw BAT. My website has accrued BAT via ads. But I can’t figure out how to set up a tip or withdraw the BAT from that channel.

Hi @richards1052 - please see reply to your other thread. Thanks in advance. Wondering when you verified your channels. Closing this as a duplicate.