Connected on uphold but unverified on brave rewards?


My uphold said it’s connected, but brave rewards getting says unverified. If I verify it, it says it isn’t available and I have to register uphold in an available country. I located in Australia and it is signed up in Australia. Is there anything I can do?


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facing some kind of error or not.

It’s because in the API it’s still connected and Uphold has authorised Brave to access. It’s because that on Brave’s end it’s not connected.

Will there be a way for me to connect?

Did you choose another country in the rewards when it was asking to select region ?
Also is your KYC / AML done using Australian documnents ?

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I picked australia. Verification is used document from my home country, but setting shows australian address.

If your home country is not Australia, which effectively is, you used Non - Australian documents to do KYC / AML then that’s the issue.

Is there a way to dance around it? Like use an Australian id to register?

Maybe try Verifying on Brave rewards again?

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