Region not supported, While mine was verified in 2018

Hello, my problem is my account got verified with my KYC in 2018 and I’m using it without problem since back then. I read the new strict rules about country match between Brave and Uphold. My verified KYC belongs To country of Turkey ID card and I’m living in Cyprus as a student. I verified my KYC when I was in Cyprus, so which means I didn’t change my country to live, I did not change anything but now unfortunately I’m getting error when I’m trying to connect my Uphold account to Brave Rewards. Since I’m just a student in Cyprus I cannot take any ID related to Cyprus and I’m a Turkish Citizen and got my ID verified with Turkey’s ID. Please fix my situation because I want to stay in the community of Brave and for sure in Brave rewards. Regards.

It all comes to the point that what country you chose in the prompt.
Answer that first.

Also, if you chose Cyprus and are sure you can’t get an id from there, only one thing you can do. It is to reset Brave rewards → Choose the country of KYC ID (for you I think Turkey) → try connecting → Voila!

Hello, thank you for your email. In addition to that If I reset the brave rewards, are the these month’s rewards will Just go away for this month?

Yes. That is correct. Any claimed BATs in this profile will go away since you’re not connected to an exchange for them to transfer there. Resetting will give you a new Rewards profile so yes, everything will start from scratch.

What error are you getting?

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