Unable to verify from a supported country?

Hi there,

I am in the process of changing computers and decided to take my BAT’s with me.

I live in a supported country, Austria.
My Uphold account is registered to Austria.

Yet, every time I try to verify & sync my rewards I get an “Error: Region currently not supported” saying that my Uphold account can’t be connected because it is registered in a country that’s not supported.

  1. I go to Brave Rewards.
  2. I click the “Unverified” button on the sidebar. A popup shows and says verifying is optional.
  3. I click “Continue” on the popup.
  4. I choose Uphold.
  5. I am redirected to Uphold’s “Authorize application” page.
  6. I click “Authorize”. (NOTE: the email/account is correct, I indeed have only one Uphold account)
  7. I am redirected back to Brave Rewards with a modal saying “Error: Region currently not supported”.

Not that those few bucks I saved would make any difference in my life but anyway. What’s going on here? Can you please help?

Thank you.

Edit: I am not running any VPN. I am present in Austria, using an Austrian internet provider. I just simply connect to my internet, open Brave and it ends like this.

What passport did you use? And what nationality documents were used for KYC / AML?
Most of the times, this happens cause of people using docs for KYC / AML from unsupported regions

Wait, what? Now that’s just ridiculous if it is really so, especially in Europe. Is this Brave’s fault or Uphold’s fault?

My Uphold is registered to Austria. I cannot change the country without getting in touch with the customer service. And why would I even if I literally live here. :-/

You re not answering my questions. What documents did you use? From Austria?

To answer your question: No, not from Austria, from a neighboring country that the rewards are not available in.

“Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold is available for accounts registered in the following countries: list of countries”

REGISTERED in Austria. What does it matter what passport I used if all my business (financially) in concluded here, my taxes are paid here and my permanent residency is here? I have nothing to do with “the other country” except of my citizenship.

Can anybody of the Brave team confirm this is actually correct and if, then why is it so?

That is because the passport shows your nationality. For Brave’s API to be satisfied, your address, your KYC / AML document nation, Passport nationality should all match up.
That is because many people exploited this when this was not the case and hence were earning BATs they were’nt supposed to and stuff.

I’ll tag @SaltyBanana @Mattches @steeven for that.

I guess you have a valid point. And I guess there is some challenge to balance this correctly but maybe Brave should just focus on awarding BAT’s based on country and not policing it any further.

I think the data should be looked at from Uphold’s (Gemini’s) point of view when you are verifying - whatever country is listed there. At the end of the day, you have already earned those BAT’s. If you lie about your country on an exchange, it may bite you in the future.

But that’s just my layman point of view, of course. I guess it is a bit more complicated…

Tbh, I still don’t grasp how these rewards even work. I haven’t got a single ad since approx. a year ago on the PC. On my phone - never ever got any. On my tablet - I get quite some. Just weird.

I actually don’t care about the money, it is literally a few coins. I just want to take them to the new computer if I ever want to tip or something. And I can’t do that without Uphold, if I understand it correctly. No way to merge or transfer wallets, right?

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback, much appreciated.

Could you go to brave://rewards-internals and tell me what you see there ?
If you attach a screenshot then please blur out the payment ID, I don’t want it to fall in wrong hands.

Sure. Which tab should I look at?

Under General:

Rewards info

Key info seed: Valid

Rewards payment ID: REMOVED

Rewards profile created at: 01/24/2021, 08:48:52 PM

Balance info

Total balance 21.25 BAT

bitFlyer: 0 BAT

Rewards BAT: 21.25 BAT

Gemini: 0 BAT

Uphold: 0 BAT

Custodial account connection info

Rewards state: Not connected

I think the post above should help.

the diagnostics tab as well…

Thanks for the link, I will check it (gotta run).

Here is the diagnostics tab:

Device Id: 43749ace471a36df43d5c610da393746c96ae20148c0cf612dc9059f0012cf3f

Enabled: true

Locale: en-MX

Catalog ID: c8b40083b01e399125a6bc0136f32256e9e0fe49

Catalog last updated: Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 3:18:41 PM

Last unidle time: Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 3:33:27 PM

(please note: my locale says en-MX but that’s just because I like the format. :o)

Hmmm. Not sure. nothing raises a flag for me. Better if we bring someone from the support team. @SaltyBanana please look into this

All of the sudden I began getting ads today again! (maybe would have worked even yesterday - I was not by the computer so cannot say)

How is this possible? Has something changed? I am really confused! :slight_smile:

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