"Unsupported region" in an account that was already verified with Uphols

Ok, my region (Argentina) is unsupported right now, I get it. But in your last update you said:

"UPDATE 11/10/2022

Uphold status is similar Gemini is at the moment. What I mean by this is you should be able to link to Uphold IF you meet all the below requirements.

  • You were linked with the particular browser/wallet payment ID to Uphold in the past (meaning you haven’t reinstalled Brave, formatted your device, etc)
  • You did not manually disconnect Uphold from your browser
  • You have not linked to Gemini or anything in between. (the last known connection was to Uphold with your current Reward) and you’re connecting to the same Uphold you had before.
  • Your Uphold account is still in good standing and active

Basically, if you were Verified in a country, such as India or Brazil when support for the country stopped and you have done nothing since, then you should be able to connect to Uphold again now."

I meet all of those requirements, yet suddenly my wallet is not verified.

Please tell me what info do you need. Thanks.

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@cosmerefulanito I posted after someone from Rewards team advised me as such. We are getting feedback from Users like you who are saying it’s not working. I’ve been passing along the issues to them and I’m hoping to hear back soon if perhaps the system wasn’t as ready as they thought, if they spoke incorrectly, if there’s perhaps something more to things, or what. I’ll try to post updates as I learn more.


actually i have a special problem that my UPHOLD account was registered in Morocco but right now i’m living in Canada & i have been in contact with uphold support to change all informations (address, country…) everything was done but till now i’m unable to connect my uphold with Brave Rewards any issues ?

Until unless you do KYC/AML using Canadian documents, you’ll not be able to verify. Brave still sees Morocco as unsupported, but Canada is supported. Brave’s API check what your documents used for KYC/AML are from, to determine if you’re in a supported / unsupported region.

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Actually i made already a KYC verification using Canadian documents and everything is changed on my uphold account but the problem still when i’m trying to connect uphold to brave rewards

In this case it’s advisable to raise a ticket with Brave

My region is India . my account was also verified with uphold. But after an update it got unverified. Please can yo tell me when my account can resume functionality again . ts been 4 months now.

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