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Hi all,

I am trying to verify my brave browser via Uphold so I am able to track my earnings across multiple devices and back these earnings up in case a device goes down. Despite having full verification in Uphold I receive the following error when attempting to verify via brave browser:

Error: you need a verified account to log in

Please try again after you have completed ID verification on Uphold.

I have contacted Uphold directly who are unable to advise further (but have confirmed my ID verification). They have suggested I resolve via Brave hence this message. For info, I am doing this on a Mac.



Same issue for me for 2 months now


I am having same problem.


@Jayroc01 Hi and welcome. I’m a community member just trying to help. Posting information that solved other users’ issues in the past. May or may not work for you. Hope it helps!

  1. Make sure your account is verified at Uphold. Go to your profile page and there should be a verified date at the bottom.

    Example: Screenshot of a Verified Profile at Uphold
    Can’t verify and authorize the wallet, can’t connect Brave to Uphold - #2 by Impoiler

  2. Make sure all your personal information in your Uphold account is accurate and complete. For example, Uphold will verify your account with an incomplete address, but Brave needs your full address, including street number, street, city, etc.

@Fordtough88 @Phantompope1988 The OP is on a mac. Your topics were closed and/or did not provide enough information initially to help solve. Providing additional information for you that doesn’t necessarily apply to macOS.

Check the above if it applies. If you have a different error message (e.g. “Something went wrong”) and you are using the Uphold app, you should delete the app and connect using website. Step-by-step instructions: **
Cannot Connect Brave Rewards with Uphold Account**

If you are on an Android device, make sure your device passes the SafetyNet check. You will not be able to claim rewards if your device fails the SafetyNet check.

Make sure you are in a Brave Supported Country. Currently, Vietnam, Philippines, and Turkey are not able to connect to a custodial provider. You can still view/earn ads if they are available, but they cannot be transferred to a custodial provider.
Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability
Wallet Connections are Temporarily Blocked in Turkey

All: Make sure Brave and OS are updated to latest version.


Thank you - this appears to have rectified the problem and my brave browser is showing as verified. To triple-check, does this mean any BAT earnings I accrue on this browser will be retrievable via Uphold in the future?

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Yes! :smiley: Well, as long as Brave and Uphold do not make any policy changes in the meantime. Your earned BAT will be deposited each month into your Uphold account during payout processing. Payout processing usually starts on the 7th of each month for the previous month earnings. It will take a week or two after that to receive your payment in Uphold.

Glad your issue was resolved! You should mark your above post as the solution. This will help other community members with the same issue and those helping out (like me!) as well as the moderators know your issue is solved.

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Thank you for your help…I shall do just that!

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Thank you so much. I deleted the app we t to website logged then verified account which finally worked. Then I downloaded the app again and all is good so far.


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