Uphold verified, how to I deposit my BAT from Brave?

I have an address to send to on Uphold, but can’t seem to figure out how to send from Brave? Do I create a new wallet?

the bat are sent to uphold automatically on payment days, if your wallet was verified recently you’ll have to wait for next payment month

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Brave Automatically send you BAT every month To your Uphold Account

I deposited about 1800 BAT from an exchange awhile back and want to withdraw those coins. When I click verify wallet it just takes me to uphold? Do I have to ‘restore’?

I can see my balance of 1825 BAT but I click withdraw and it just takes me to uphold …

First transfer your BAT to uphold card .

use this website

And when see your BAT here, simply withdrawal It on your Crypto Address.

How do I transfer to uphold, that is my issue. When I click withdraw I just get sent to uphold site.

Bro my wallet is verified but I disconnected it .recently I activated my account.
Can I receive bat?

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not sure dude, payments have not ended let’s wait a bit more

Your bat should be in uphold, when you login does it show you a value balance anywhere

No, zero balance. I’m thinking I may have to ‘restore’ old wallet? Can anyone verify if this is true?

Where exactly did you send the bats you received on exchange? Was it uphold? Or crypto wallet address in browser?

I had 1800 ish BAT on Bittrex a few years ago. Lived in NY, so Bittrex disabled all NY accounts. So I clicked ‘add funds’ and sent them from Bittrex to the browser a few years back. Now I live in VA, created and verified an uphold account.

Sounds like you send them to your crypto wallet in the browser which isn’t associated with uphold or your browsers rewards wallet

Did you have the same computer you had brave installed on from back then?

Yes it is the same computer

Ok so go-to crypto wallets in brave browser settings, you should have access to them from here

That’s what I thought, I get there and options are ‘new local wallet’ to either create or restore.

Do you have your seed pharse, it gave you one to write down when you first came in here

I believe I have it, but have to search for it. Is that the only option you think? Creating a new local wallet won’t help?

No creating another with be new and empty, I noticed you said you can see the balance on the browser? Can you screen shot that for me