Let's have a vote! How about Brave Rewards allows transfers out of BAT to any wallet. Uphold is not working!~!

Hi all! I’m a publisher, and have a balance of BAT rewarded to me.

I’ve connected my Brave Rewards up to the Uphold wallet, this is the (only) option available to have BAT transferred out.

I, along with others as i’ve read, are having issues, as the BAT tokens are not transferring into the Uphold wallets.

________ IDEA _________

Why not this? We are building a decentralized internet/crypto world are we not??
Why not allow Publishers, and recipients of BAT the option to transfer out to ANY wallet!!??
I can create a fully functioning wallet in about 10 seconds, and move crypto anywhere.

Let’s have a vote on it! :smiley:

Can you elaborate more? Payout date is happens around 8th of every month, US time zone.

For now, a verified Uphold account is required in order to receive the contribution. But there’s also a plan to implement other method so publishers can do KYC and use their own wallet. No ETA.

Thank you for reply!

Yes, I can elaborate more of course. When i connected Brave Rewards to Uphold today, Brave rewards was giving a message; accts must be verified (with Uphold).

Possibly this is why the transfer of BAT is not going through?

I like that idea of publishers being able to use their own wallet! That’s how it should be!, nobody should be dictated as to which wallet to use or not,…that’s ridiculous! We are building a freer borderless society, not the other way around…

This one :point_up: More Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts

And like mentioned above, if you already connected your verified Uphold account, then payout will happens around 8th of every month.

I can’t understand why aren’t we able to withdraw to our MetaMask for instance, way more convenient and it would eliminate the double standards.

On one hand you promote privacy, adblocking and safe browsing while you ask the creators, publishers and referrals to verify the sh\\t out of themselves.

Brave is one of the best working hybrid central - decentralized product on the market, it would be pity if you guys mess it up due to compliance.

It is simple.

If we are not compliant, we go out of business.

We are iterating toward becoming more decentralized in a climate of regulatory uncertainty with +6M MAU.


Are we building a decentralized world or one more centralized and conrolled than what we havw now?? The latter is ridiculous.

Those entities which do not see this will cease to exist.

The internet is all about global and volume, nor about spreading every bit of info about yourself to whoever or whatever that wants it

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I earned some BAT on Coinbase(earn), Sent it over to my account on Brave wallet. It should be able to go opposite direction just as easy if you ask me. Cant be opening 500 wallets for every 500 new blockchain application that exists.
P.S. Also Canada Ads arnt working! Yes everything is turned on lolz Yes i live in a region, yes yes yes lol thanks.

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