Wallet Alternatives

Wallet alternatives for the BAT that I earn, please. Uphold is trash. I would rather my wallet be connected to Coinbase or something. I really don’t like Uphold. I went to go transfer what little BAT I have earned from Uphold to Coinbase which used to be free and now Uphold is charging a 5 BAT fee to do it. I didn’t go through with it because that’s practically a third of the BAT that I have. Are you kidding me? Now I’m hearing that you gotta have 100+ BAT in your Uphold account just to waive the transfer fee. Uh, no. That’s ridiculous. Wallet alternatives, please. ASAP.

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they offer https://gemini.com/ now

How do you do this? I started an Uphold account but never got verified because I thought they were VERY slimy. I do have a Gemini account but I can’t figure out how to transfer without uphold

they add the option on the last update go to the new tab page then click on gemini widget then connect

Thanks! I did add the widget. I can connect to Gemini…but how do I transfer my BAT to Gemini?

let me ask someone of the team to help you on the withdraw thing as i do not have gemini account

@Mattches could you help us here and thanks :slight_smile:

Thank You for you help!

you very welcome :slight_smile:

At this time, Gemini withdraw options are for verified creators – we will allow user’s to select Gemini wallets to transfer their earnings to in the near future. Thank you for your patience.