Verified wallet but no BAT

Verified one wallet today and got my BAT immediately. Verified another mobile and nothing happened. Why?

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How many BAT accounts (total, including reinstalling Brave or the OS, resetting your device, etc.) have you “verified”?

I have 3 PCs, 2 mobiles

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I have bats also in my local browser wallet, but they didn’t transfered in my uphold wallet this month, anyone knows why?

Uphold limits you to four devices total per lifetime.

Is it possible to send them to a friend then? Or even disconnect a device? Or will it take maybe the devices with the highest BAT each month???

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Hi do you know if there is any way to delete old devices that you no longer use? I cannot receive any BAT because I had to change my device and thus I’ve gone over the limit… I don’t see how I can now make any use of Brave.

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Yeah I need to know the same. But if it chooses the devices with the most BAT that would be ideal in my case.

@TimWJ11 @Fredhair Uphold will only use the FIRST four devices you linked.
Unfortunately, even if you unlink a device, it doesn’t restore that allotment. I refuse to use Uphold for that reason.

Brave is in the process of giving more options. Gemini wallets should be available soon.

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I have faced the same issues
Please provide us better options for Indian users.
Thank you

As I understand it, the devs are working on it, but no timeline on when it will be available.

Guess I will keep collecting and HODLing on the 5th and more devices till then lol

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