Can not Sync Brave Browner for MacBook and iPhone (iPhone sync lacks QR reader function)

Same problem here.
Brave v. OS 1.20.103
Brave v. iOS 1.22.2 ← not camera when attempt to add to sync chain with desktop.

These are both the most current versions and Mac/iPhone and there is no way to sync across devices due to the lack of a scan UR code function in the sync feature on iOS.

Any help would be appreciated!!


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There’s no “I have a sync code” button on your mobile?

Hello… no. There is no way for me to either input the seed phrase from 1 device to the others nor take a QR scan from within the app.

I now have the updated versions of both and it is still not woking. wasted hours trying to see what. I was doing wrong.

On my iphone is shows the iphone is on the Sync chain and on my browser on my desktop is doesn’t lint any devices as on the sync chain.