PSA: Current FAQ

Can’t Scan QR Code or Enter Sync Phrase

This is most likely because you accidentally created two different sync chains. You can’t combine two sync chains together. What this means is you’re going to leave the sync chain on one of your devices.

First off, the way to confirm this is to check your sync menu. If you’re in a sync chain, it will look something like:

The key aspect is if you scroll to the bottom, you should see something like below. If more than one device is on the list, you’ll see them all listed:


If you’re NOT in a sync chain, then instead you should see something like:


If you don’t see that image above, then it’s on a sync chain. You’ll have to figure out which one you want to remove and then do so. Once you remove it from a sync chain, you’ll be able to click on the I have a Sync Code and either choose to scan QR or enter the phrase.