Can't log into bank - settings issue?

I am unable to log into account. After a long period of waiting, I get a message that says “Sorry, we’re experiencing unusually high traffic. Please wait a few minutes and try again.” Yet Firefox works perfectly. I have tried dozens of times. I have tried adjusting settings but don’t know if there is one tweak I can do to fix this.

The expected result is to get logged into the bank. I have had this account for 25 years and never have a problem with Firefox.

Related to this, I also have a mishap with When opening windows within the site, the windows are truncated and I can’t complete or save any operations.

What it looks like in Brave:

This is what it is supposed to look like:

I had made Brave my default browser, but getting ready to dump it based on these issues.

Hey @kcfuerst Thanks for the report, can you replicate the usbank issue on Brave desktop also?

At instead of logging me in, this is what Brave does consistently. I have never been able to log into my bank.

Below is what should have been next. Firefox works fine. As soon as I put in the code they text me, I’m where I want to go.


  • If you can try on Brave Desktop (Windows or Mac), does it occur?
  • Also, does disabling ads/trackers in Shields help?

I’m sorry, I misunderstood your original question.

Everything I do is done from my PC, Windows 10. My Brave edition is

Version 1.20.103 Chromium: 88.0.4324.152 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I disabled trackers and ads blocking AND GUESS WHAT!! IT WORKED! I did not however continue on to actually log into the bank. And the issue with remains a problem.

Now that the tracking and ads is disabled, will I be tracked and have more ads? Wouldn’t that would defeat the purpose of having this new shiny browser?

Thank you for the help you’ve given me so far.


Can you re-enable Ads and trackers on usbank, and attempt to re-login. When it fails, copy the urls listed in Ads and tracker being blocked and paste here

I re-enabled the add/tracking and now it keeps telling me my password is wrong – I know it is correct. I used the same information to log in with Firefox. When having issues with Brave and logging into my bank, sometimes this message has appeared as well as the other one saying they were too busy so this one is not unfamiliar.

So I disabled the ads/tracking again and I could successfully login.


Here is the copy of the shield information


And this one. I experimented with this and turned off the Shield for this site and I could log into my account. Are the shields turned off for just this one account, or are they turned off for everything?


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