Bank site that previously worked in Brave now broken

When logging into my bank I get the following error (below). This didn’t happen with Brave until the last few weeks & I don’t get said error with Firefox. When I login I am in the site then the error occurs. If I re-login all is good but it’s a pain & I don’t want to have to resort to Firefox if I don’t have to. Please advise & thanks!

@ALRUI I’m not sure I understand the issue. Most bank websites will log you out of your account after a set amount of time with you not being active. This is done so you can’t accidentally remain logged in and other people use the computer to take your money. Is this not what is happening to you?

Not at all. This is on initial login with the correct credentials. You click OK and login again with the same credentials and you’re good. In Firefox or Safari you login initially only, no popup error. Again this is a new behavior which started a few weeks ago & ONLY in Brave (again it was previously OK in Brave also).

I see. Could I trouble you to do some of the basic troubleshooting that we typically ask people to check? It just helps to rule out a few possible problems. Do each step separately, only progressing if the issue persists.

  • Test in a Private Window

  • Create a new browser profile (assuming we’re talking about desktop). Don’t add any extensions or change settings when testing on new profile

  • Test with Shields off

  • Clear cookies & site data for the site.

  • Install Brave Beta or Brave Nightly, does it work properly there?

  • Does it work the same way on Chrome? (Keep in mind Firefox and Safari are different engine than Brave usually. At least if on desktop. So is important to check that, to make sure if it’s a chromium issue or something else)

Oh, and always is important you make sure to provide info. For example, you deleted the template that Brave provides when you created your topic. You should always try to keep it and answer the questions they ask. In this situation, at least need to know:

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (go to About Brave to see the actual version number and provide it, don’t just say “the latest.”)

  • Which OS are you using? (for example, Windows 11, Android 12, etc)

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