Brave is very problematic in logging me into certain sites

Repeatedly, I have had no luck logging into bank and credit card sites on Brave, though I had taken down the shield. Immediately, I was able to log in problem-free using Edge Chromium and Firefox. Not sure if this a known issue and if there is a fix.

Hey there @Elvis1935. If you could, it would be helpful to know some more information.

  1. What OS are you using?

  2. What Version of Brave?

  3. What specific website(s) are you having this issue on?

  4. What happened when you try to log in?

  5. Have you tried opening a Private Window and then logging in on the site? If not, please try it and let us know the result.

This should get us to a better starting point so we can check it out and try to help you.

Thanks for your response. The sites are loading now. :slight_smile:

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