Bookmark bar disappeared from New Tab page

Since updating to the latest version (0.68.131), the bookmarks bar has disappeared from the New Tab page.

Previously, with the bookmark bar disabled (as to not show on all pages when browsing), it was always present on a new tab page. Worked perfectly. Now it’s not there, you have to force the bookmark bar on all pages - entirely unnecessary.

Brave Version: 0.68.131
Mac OSX Yosemite


@b0se you can hide/unhide bookmarks bar using Cmd+Shift+B.

The team is working on implement the option for this.


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Yes, but that’s cumbersome to do manually each time you load a new tab, then again when viewing the desired web page.

Glad to hear it will be fixed. An option to show/hide the bookmark bar on the Dashboard Settings (along with background image toggle) would be perfect.

Is there a guesstimate of when that will come? I really liked when only my book marks appear in a new window/tab.

This really needs to be classified as a bug and fixed asap. The functionality of the bookmark bar automatically showing on new tabs was there before and suddenly disappeared between versions … unless that was intended (which would make it a very bad decision), it’s a bug.

Using Ctrl+Shift+B is a workaround at best and will absolutely kill productivity.


Well I did see some posts before on people saying they wanted it gone from showing up on new tab, so i think it was intended, but I don’t think that they realized that many of us really do like that feature, don’t see how it hurts anyone from seeing that on the new tab to begin with. I ended up uninstalling brave because of them taking this off, hurt my productivity, so just went to using something else, until this gets fixed or if it even does.

For anyone that’s interested, the GitHub request that lead to the bookmark bar disappearing is shown below.

Can’t hide Bookmarks bar on New Tab page #1306

Looks like a number of people already commented that they didn’t like the new functionality and an option has been implemented to bring back the old functionality.

Add always show bookmark bar on NTP option #2869

The feature has been merged already so it should just be a matter of time before it makes its way into the release.

Further info for anyone that comes across this thread. Looks like the feature to reintroduce the old behaviour will default to having Brave function the way it did before - with the bookmark bar shown on the New Tab page.

Show bookmark bar on NTP by default #3251

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