Can't figure out wallet

Look, I’m old and computer illiterate. I tried buying bitcoin to put in Brave Wallet to make a purchase. I don’t care about rewards, just wanted to purchase. I’ve fooled with it all day and can’t figure out how to make it work. How can I get my money back and never fool with this god-forsaken mess again?


You may want to hire a economic advisor, or check it with the Brave support (Not here, i mean contact the REAL developers).

What, I can pay $500 to someone to get back the $200 I can’t access? No thanks. There has to be an easier way.

It doesn’t even show I bought bitcoin, using Wyre, where the wallet sent me to buy it. Said transaction was completes, money was taken from my bank. Where is it?

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Seriously? Nobody can tell me why I buy btc with Brave wallet, using the provided source (wyre), but I have nothing in my wallet to show for it? This pretty much smells of scam to me.

I regret ever attempting this.

I was under the impression everything, buy/spend , was handled via Brave wallet.

Why doesn’t it work?


Screenshot 2021-12-06 202323

I didn’t buy “BAT” I bought bitcoin. I’ve seen NOTHING about how to convert it.

I didn’t feel comfortable giving all the intrusive info to “verify”, and it’s not even supposed to be a requirement to use Brave wallet.

Found, because it doesn’t require your underwear size, but see no way to put anything into it from the worthless Brave wallet.

Etherscan says I have $, but I have no idea where it is. This is such a complicated process, and I firmly believe it’s intentionally so, in order to deceive people.

The fact that this is “Brave Support”, and no one is helping me, speaks loads to me.

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Brave wallet says different.

NO $$

last line on page:

Future Improvements

This process currently requires a few steps, but you can expect further simplification in future versions of Brave.

Maybe you accidentally bought BATs instead of BTC.

You said you were computer illiterate, so perhaps thats more likely

I bought bitcoin.

If I bought BAT, why can’t I access it either?

Odd, I can come here and add pics and links…so illiterate may have been misleading.

When I follow the prompts given for the wallet, and it doesn’t work, then there’s a problem.

Don’t people from Brave come here to help?

Could you share which steps you took? If you try to buy Bitcoin by clicking on Buy and then changing it to Bitcoin on Wyre, it will tell you invalid address. Did you perhaps try to buy Wrapped Bitcoin? In which case you need to add the visible asset in brave://wallet

Not sure I follow? I don’t know what “visible asset” is or means

In order to save time and confusion, what do I need to do to fix this? I have BAT and I need a useable btc wallet. I can’t seem to do anything with this Brave wallet. I’m not giving a bunch of personal info to a site to verify the wallet. Brave says I don’t need to verify to use anyway.

Tell me how to transfer BAT from Brave wallet into my wallet in the form of bitcoin.


Well, the more I read, the more I see I’m not the only one who thinks this Brave wallet is a steaming pile.

Right now I’m laughing, because I just got an email from Brave thanking me for “all the time I’m spending here”.

Seriously? Maybe that’s sarcasm, but the reason I’m spending so much time here is trying to figure out this mess you call a wallet, and finding a way to get my money back out of it.

ANYONE reading this, find another wallet if you want to use bitcoin.


I’ve found from searching, an exchange that I can trade BAT for BTC, at a cost naturally.

When I put the wallet address in it says it’s invalid. So I can’t do anything with it.

click the drop down where it says BAT.if you already use binance you can purchase BTC there. edit btc isnt and option to display, i dont see how you have sent it there because it would need an address to deposit

Don’t know what “binance” is, haven’t used it or anything else.

When I try to paste my wallet address into the box of the exchange, it says my address is invalid.

My address was on the black line at the top of screenshot.

What is an FIO address? I tried to copy/paste my wallet address into the box requesting it for exchange.

Am I supposed to be seeing some “coded” FIO address somewhere I need to be using?

@Brian6 Brave wallet works with Ethereum based networks. So it only supports Ethereum based tokens and these are processed on Ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin is a separate network, it has its own blockchain. That’s why Ethereum based wallet addresses (like Brave wallet) don’t support Bitcoin transactions.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, you should try directly in or from any centralised exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Uphold etc.