Brave Wallet Issues! Help needed

I bought $150 USDC on Brave wallet and it was credited to my wallet successfully but was not able to withdraw. I have contacted customer service about this issue and haven’t received any good response from them. This is frustrating me so far! does it means I’m going to lose my money :disappointed:.
I need support on this issue.


When you say you contacted customer service, who did you contact and how? This is the primary place for customer service for Brave. So trying to check if you did it for the 3rd party where you bought your USDC or what you did?

Also, what do you mean not able to withdraw? Keep in mind that there are gas fees when you go to move crypto. So if you’re trying to move 100% of your USDC and you have nothing for the gas fees, it won’t let you. But just curious if you can walk us through a bit on what steps you’re taking and what you’re trying to do.


If anyone ends up responding here claiming they’ve generated a ticket or to click for support, most likely it’s a scam. The only legitimate links would be something like Just putting that here as occasionally scammers try to appear and hope to imitate support, with hopes of scamming before it gets noticed.

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