All my money from Brave Wallet is GONE! Please Help

I saved most of my savings were in USDT in Brave Wallet. Then one day (which was yesterday), all the money is gone to zero. When I looked for it, it was in one of the apps I used to get interests. [] This app had all my money, and when i tried to take it out, it was locked. I could not take my money out. I panicked.

Then, I tried Brave’s customer service which was live chat, and they told me that I need to pay about 5,000 us dollars and show them the hash to prove the transaction. Which makes no sense. I already had my hash and that doesn’t work for them?

My question is, why did brave let my money transfer to other app without my permission? I have trusted brave with privacy and protection, and they just let my money away like that?

Can anyone help me with this situation?

thank you so much.

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Since brave asked you to pay, I think thats a fraudulent chat. Not sure. @Saoiray any thoughts ?

That replay about paying is absolutely 100% a scam!!! Scammers lurk these chats and pretend to be support, I just lost almost $50k from that.


Yes, I just realized that the live chat from brave was from
which was a scam site.

Thank you for the answer, but the live chat was from, not
I think thats a scam site.

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Yes. Please be vigilant whenever you share info like this.Lately we’ve had cases where scammers on the community lure people into such traps and take their seed phrase and sell off their cyrpto and stuff.

No such thing exists with Brave. There’s no “live chat.”

Obviously nothing Brave would do. Brave will never ask for payments, passwords, recovery phrases, or anything of the sort. The closest you’ll see of any of that is that if using Brave Wallet there may be network and gas fees OR where you can sign up for subscriptions like Brave VPN or Brave Premium. But those are never any huge amounts.

It wouldn’t. If you provided details or linked your Wallet to something, then you give it permissions at that time. Plus if you provided any other details, then you might have given them ways to bypass security. With crypto, you have to be extremely careful what information you give and limit permissions granted to any app or website. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to just give them complete access to all of your money and to lose it.


You have to be careful with those scams. Scam websites MAY also contain malware or any other stuff.
I recommend using the WOT (Web of Trust) Extension. It might be helpful.

Thank you for your answer.
I have linked my brave acct to that app, and i think thats why they took my money.
Is there any way that brave could help me with this? to get my money back?
or recommend a way to get my money back?

I’ll copy my reply to your DM, this way others can see as well.

  1. Brave Wallet is self custodial, meaning you’re 100% in control. There’s nothing that can be done by Brave when you’ve given access to something and money/crypto is taken. It can’t be “taken back” or anything.

  2. I’m just another regular person, a User here. I do volunteer a lot of time and assist with things, but I am not an employee with Brave. You can tell who is with Brave based on their icons here. For example:

  1. You need to report your incident to the local authorities. Whether they will do something about it is a whole other discussion, but it was theft and fraud.

  2. Keep in mind any crypto moved can be traced. So you should be able to find the transactions and see where it went. That information can help law enforcement and exchanges to find the people who did it. (if they are willing to do so)

There is someone else who fell for a scam lately, you can see at I think a scammer posted a fake link to "support" and stole my seed phrase

And there was official and unofficial notices about it, such as:

and mine at

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Thank you for the reply…! :slightly_smiling_face:
One last question is that is it possible to restore the wallet that was linked to the dex app? Does Brave provides service to restore the wallet back in time when I had seeds in the wallet?

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